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Do Bongs Filter Smoke?

Water filtration can help lessen tar taken into your lungs as smoke passes through water. Tar is that brownish-black stuff that builds up on smoking devices. If you’re smoking, it’s pretty much unavoidable, but each percolating feature on your bong could make a difference.

5 Popular Bong Types

When it comes to smoking devices, nothing quite beats the smooth hit of a bong. The additional filtration added with water pulls away contaminants and plant matter in the smoke and cools it down altogether. Anyone who has gone bong shopping has noticed that the different ways glass water pipes do this are practically infinite. … Continued

9 Types of Bong Percolators

Choosing the best bong isn’t an easy thing, especially with all the crazy glass bongs for sale today. It really comes down to preference and knowing what type of water filtration suits you. Additional filtration from smoke through water can make for a smoother hit in smoking devices. People like water filtration on their bongs … Continued

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