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Quartz Banger

MK100 Engraved Quartz Banger

MK100 Engraved Quartz Banger SetSo here is our MK100 pattern etched Quartz Banger. Perfect for any piece since MK is a great symbol of dab culture. Available in 14mm male glass joint,  90°angle. Now with 25mm cups with a 3mm thick deep wall and 4mm base these bangers were designed to retain Heat. The proof is in the puff, TRY IT!!Deeply beveled inner lip for the perfect air tight seal. All of our art is deeply etched with highly detailed engravings one at a time. 
Quartz Banger

MK100 Engraved Quartz Banger


  • One Piece Engraved Banger
  • Frosted Joint
  • 25mm Dish
  • Flat Top
  • 90 Degree
  • 99.99% Quartz
  • 14mm Flat Top Banger

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