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MK100 Glass

MK100 7″ Double Waterwheel Sidecar (MK103)


Need another wonderful glass piece to smoke out of, well MK100 Glass has just the piece for you! This sidecar features an amazing double waterwheel perc design that will make your hits smooth and tasteful. Not only is that the best part about this piece, its dented top will allow you to stash more of your flower while you smoke. This sidecar is both a cool option to smoke out of and it will also give you a place to keep more of your flower. Available in two beautiful colors, this is another product that is worth buying. Comes with a MK100 Glass Premium Quartz Banger.


Colors: Amber,Blue, Lime Green, and Golden   |Thickness: 5mm|Inches: 7"


Amber, Blue, Lime Green, Golden

MK100 Glass

MK100 7″ Double Waterwheel Sidecar (MK103)


  • Colors: Amber, Blue, Lime Green, and Golden
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Inches: 7" tall
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