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MK100 Glass

MK100 6” Mini Crystal Recycler (MK111)

MK100 Glass is known for its unique designs! The most compact and efficient mini recyclers are in the market!!The MK100 Glass Mini Recycler Rig is a very small rig that is designed for the perfect quick dabs.It stands just 6” tall and features a crystal pendant on the sides.  The recycler design sports an eye-catching percolator for maximum filtration. MK100 Glass have included a Premium quality 14mm male quartz banger as well.This mini recycler is designed in a way that it is very portable and handy at the same time.Less air = more Flavor!!!Take tasty hits with this mighty rig.                                                   Inches: 6" | Thickness: 5mm  | Colors: Blue, Black, Slime Green, and Lime

Blue, Black, Slime Green, Lime

MK100 Glass

MK100 6” Mini Crystal Recycler (MK111)


  • 6” MK100 Mini Crystal Recycler
  • Inches : 6" Tall
  • Comes with MK Premium 14mm Banger
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Slime Green, and Lime
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