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MK100 Glass

MK100 10″ 7MM 3X Perc with Screen Horn Bowl (MK1)

Smoking just got 3X as fun! With three different percs this straight shooter will elevate any smoking session. Starting at the bottom you have a honeycomb percolator that will allow your smoke to be cleaner. It will also deliver a cooler smoke since more water will come in contact with it. At the second base you will get a turbine percolator. This perc will give you a show while smoking since it will cause a whirlpool effect with the water that is in your water pipe. Not only will you get a refreshing hit but you will also get an entertaining whirlpool effect. Right at the top of the straight shooter is a splash guard perc. This perc will keep you safe from getting a splash of water to your face. This fabulous 3x perc also comes with a ribbon screen horn bowl. Adorned at the top is the classic MK100 logo that adds a one of a kind touch to the straight shooter. 

Inches: 10" | Thickness: 5 mm  | Colors: Red, Aqua, Yellow, Green , and  Orange


Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Aqua

MK100 Glass

MK100 10″ 7MM 3X Perc with Screen Horn Bowl (MK1)


  • Inches: 10"
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Colors: Red, Aqua, Yellow, Green , and  Orange
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