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8″ MK100 6-Arm Perc Rig

MK100s one of a kind dome shaped rig comes with a 6 arm tree perc allowing you to have the smoothest hits. With the 6 arm tree perc you will be able to see all the diffusing bubbles that will deliver you a clean rip. With this bent neck rig you are promised quality and a good time every time you pair it with your smoking  preference. Both the mouth piece and the tree perc are the same color which stand out from the clear body of the rig. A matching bowl with MK100s golden logo will adorn your rig and will let you take hits with style.

Inches: 8″ | Thickness: 5mm | Colors: Blue, Slime Green,Green, and Jade Blue


Purple, Slime Green, Green, Jade Green


8″ MK100 6-Arm Perc Rig


  • Inches: 8″
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Colors: Blue, Slime Green
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