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Our Mission

Top quality 100/100 affordable products! We aim to provide the highest quality glassware across the nation! - From MK100 Team

Our Story

Husband & Wife Power Duo

Created by a husband and wife power duo, MK100 Glass was born to deliver the highest quality performant smoking glassware known to man.

Our experienced careers gave us unique insight into the smoking glassware industry. We saw what competitors had to offer and knew they could make better products with better pricing.

We made it our personal mission to create MK100 Glass for everyone. So personal in fact that the “MK” in MK100 Glass is our first initials.

100/100 Design, Functionality and Quality

Making a vow to always deliver 100/100 design, functionality and quality.

Tremendous amount of time, money and effort is spent in the MK100 Glass product development life cycle.

We aim to meet the highest standards of workmanship. The manufacturing of the highest-quality laboratory glass is our MK100 Glass promise.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee a first-class smoking experience for all customers. This is our credo, our responsibility, and our oath.

Our customer feedback and reviews attest to our superior product design and quality.

We are the peoples brand.

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