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MK100 Glass

MK100 13″ Double Frit Disc Straight Shooter (MK78)

Don't frit about what to smoke out of because MK100 has just the piece for you. Our double frit disc straight shooter will allow for maximum filtration and smoking pleasure. With the frit percolators you will get the ultimate filtration as its will pass through one frit then to another. This 13" straight shooter will make sure to display a sensational feeling rip. The double frit design also gives this piece a very unique look resembling two steps. Alongside this straight shooter you will also get a matching MK100 logo bowl. The bowl is embellished with a striking golden MK100 logo. You can not miss out on this elegant looking piece.    

Inches: 13" | Thickness: 7 mm | Colors: Jade Blue, Milk Green, Pink, and Black


Milk Green, Jade Blue, Pink, Black

MK100 Glass

MK100 13″ Double Frit Disc Straight Shooter (MK78)


  • Inches: 13"
  • Thickness: 7 mm
  • Colors: Jade Blue, Milk Green, Pink, and Black
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2 reviews for MK100 13″ Double Frit Disc Straight Shooter (MK78)

  1. Ryan O’Connell

    Hands down best piece I’ve ever used. Picked up at my local smoke shop along w/a matching MK ash catcher w/bubbler and got an amazing deal ($150) looking at the price here ($195 + $60 ash catcher). The frit percs are like honeycomb percs on steroids plus the ash catcher is amazing. Catches ash very well and I just down over half the bowl in one rip. Be cautious, I definitely had the bong sweats after 🙂 However, the the hit was velvety smooth and I had absolutely no throat irritation which is insane for how much I smoked in that hit. I’ve sworn by my 20” single honeycomb perc by GRAV for years but after one hit on this MK, I don’t think I’ll be picking it up anytime soon.

  2. AK Loucks

    OBSESSED. Just got this as a gift for my birthday and I have to say it is definitely my new favorite glass out of my entire collection. Definitely the smoothest hit I’ve had in a while!

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