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16″ MK100 Treeperc Discoball Straight Waterpipe

Percs on percs with the Treeperc Discoball Straight Shooter! This is the perfect modified straight tube bong for anyone who loves a good straight shooter. Standing at 16 inches tall, this piece by MK100 Glass is beautifully made with American Colors and design. The thick base for this bong makes it a sturdy option, not easy to topple. This 16-inch water bong is made of borosilicate glass and includes both matrix and tree percolators that deliver extremely filtered hits. Light up your glass bowl with some bud and let the smoke travel through the matrix percolator. This is the first stop to filter your hits and then smoke moves through the tree percolator to diffuse your hit even more. This cool water pipe  is sure to blow your mind and get you ridiculously high!The matching bowl, give this piece an elegance that wouldn't be there otherwise.                                          Inches: 16" | Thickness: 5mm | Colors:  Orange and Yellow

Orange, Yellow


16″ MK100 Treeperc Discoball Straight Waterpipe


MK100 Treeperk Discoball Waterpipe
  • Inches : 16" Tall
  • Comes with 14mm matching bowl
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Color: American Orange and Yellow
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1 review for 16″ MK100 Treeperc Discoball Straight Waterpipe

  1. Erik

    This this is gnarly. Great value, perfect pull, getit GetIt

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