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MK100 Glass

MK100 7” Ratchet Perc Side Recycler (MK104)

From MK100 Glass, we have this amazing Ratchet Perc water pipe. This waterpipe features a recessed 14mm male joint, a Sherlock style mouthpiece that prevents water from splashing into the user's mouth, and a flared mouthpiece to ensure a tight seal. The bent neck has a thick, 90˚ glass reinforcement for added stability. This water pipe has a ratchet perc that diffuses and filters your smoke through its many tiny slits to guarantee clean and smooth hits upon every use.This glass pipe has a thick, circular base, and stands about 7" tall. Included with the water pipe is a 14mm male MK100 Premium Banger for dry herbs. The polished joint adds a high-end, classy look and feel. This glass pipe is made from 5mm thick, high grade Borosilicate glass.Inches: 7" | Thickness: 5mm | Size: 14mm | Colors: Black, Green and Purple

Black, Purple, Green, Jade Blue

MK100 Glass

MK100 7” Ratchet Perc Side Recycler (MK104)


  • 7” MK100 Ratchet Perc Side Recycler
  • Inches : 7" Tall
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Comes with 14mm MK100 Premium Banger
  • Colors: Black, Green and Purple
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1 review for MK100 7” Ratchet Perc Side Recycler (MK104)

  1. Terry Pridgett (verified owner)

    Switched banger for the horn bowl and nothing but smooth hits.

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