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MK100 18″ Slime 9mm Beaker (MK121)

Step up your smoking game with  MK100s 18" Slime 9 mm Beaker! This beaker has a thickness of 9 mm and comes with a 28/18MM downstem. The end of the downstem is designed with two shower head percs. The bowl also has a special 4 sided flower screen. With this beaker you will get the coolest of rips anytime you choose and have the most badass beaker ever. It may look like a simple beaker with a colored tube, but once you take a hit nothing will compare to that feeling. Not only will the double shower head percs give a cooling affect the ice pinch will also make your dab feel as cold as the Atlantic.

Inches: 18" | Thickness: 9mm | Colors: Jade Blue, Milk Green, and Jade Green


Jade Blue, Jade Green, Milk Green, Mint Green


MK100 18″ Slime 9mm Beaker (MK121)


  • Inches: 18"
  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Colors: Jade Blue, Milk Green, and Jade Green
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1 review for MK100 18″ Slime 9mm Beaker (MK121)

  1. Eric Barr

    Amazingly smooth super thick almost tasted like a dab

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