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5 Popular Bong Types

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5 Popular Bong Types

When it comes to smoking devices, nothing quite beats the smooth hit of a bong. The additional filtration added with water pulls away contaminants and plant matter in the smoke and cools it down altogether.

Anyone who has gone bong shopping has noticed that the different ways glass water pipes do this are practically infinite. There are various types of percolators and different shaped bong chambers.

Along with chambers and percolators are “joints,” where one separated piece of the bong meets another. The most common joint sizes are 14mm and 18mm. And as with chamber width, joint width will play a factor in a bong’s airflow.

Bong’s with female joints are most commonly used for smoking flower. Male jointed bongs usually are meant for concentrate, but there are always attachments that can accommodate both flower and concentrate.

Let’s take a look at some of the many different glass water pipe shapes you’ll see:

The Straight Tube Bong

The straight tube bong is a simple tube that doesn’t take much water. They use a downstem since they clear faster than a wider bong, they can make quick, massive hits.

The Beaker Bong

The beaker water pipe can produce a thundering bubble with its wide base. That wide base also can help to keep its center of gravity low, making it harder to knock over. Many may find it nice as a daily driver as they won’t get dirty as quickly as a straight tube bong would.

The Percolator Bong

Generally referred to as a bong that has two or more smoke-through-water filtration aspects. These guys usually have tons of diffusion and which further filters the smoke. They won’t need downstems as the percolation factor is already built into the smoking device.

The Bent Neck Bong

This refers to any bong that has its mouthpiece bent. It can make positioning the bong for a smoother hit more comfortable.

The Bubbler

Some might not consider bubblers bongs, but they serve the same purpose. They’re commonly small and mobile, so you should consider one if you can’t handle the size of a glass bong.

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