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13” Double Pyramid Beaker

Introducing the MK100 Double Pyramid Beaker Waterpipe! MK100 Glass Pyramid beaker brings a new element to the smoking experience. Whether you’re a casual or devoted toker, the Pyramid Beaker will add some spice into your glass collection. Standing at a height of 13”, this beaker water pipe is loaded and ready for action. Crafted from borosilicate glass, this water pipe is ready to take on the world! The wide base of the Pyramid Beaker keeps this beautiful water pipe standing tall with confidence and stability. Inside the beaker, MK100 Glass features a pyramid perc with an insane amount of slits giving you some of the smoothest hits of all time! With duality in mind, the Pyramid Beaker features an ice pinch at the base of the neck to work in unison with the perc to deliver seamless, effortless hits. The MK100 Pyramid Beaker packs style and functionality into a beautiful masterpiece styled with color features in the perc, branded logo, and mouthpiece.                        Inches: 13" | Thickness: 5mm  | Colors: Green, Blue and Purple

Green, Blue, Purple


13” Double Pyramid Beaker


  • 13” Double Pyramid Beaker
  • Inches : 13" Tall
  • Comes with 14mm MK100 Matching Bowl
  • Colors: Green, Purple and Blue
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