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MK100 12″ Clear Beaker

Beaker style water pipes are one of the most traditional styles on the market. A simple yet classic beauty!The MK100 12" Classic 9mm Beaker is the best instrument that is engineered to last for decades. This thing is made of super thick borosilicate glass that can take a beating and is accented in your choice of colored glass. A large ice catcher and a matching frosted downstem and bowl make this classic piece a cloud machine.                                                                                                   Inches: 12" | Thickness: 9mm | Colors: Black, Green , Slime-Green and Yellow

Green, Black, Slime-Green, Yellow


MK100 12″ Clear Beaker


  • MK100 12" Clear Beaker
  • Inches : 12" Tall
  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Color: Green,Yellow, Slime-Green and Black
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