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7″ MK100 Stash Rig with Built in Jar

MK100 Glass focuses on creating best glass pipes that are affordable and quality made. This Dab Rig is designed to offer just the right amount on percolation without reducing the flavor. This borosilicate glass rig has a straight tube mouthpiece. The best feature of this rig is the built-in stash jar which serves as a storage for your herbs. The showerhead percolator effortlessly pushes water and bubbles to the side of the chamber making it resilient to even your deepest inhales. This rig comes with a matching 14mm bowl piece. MK100 Glass knows how to make you happy with the high-quality glass pipes and this rig is one of the best that is incredibly durable.                                                                                                                           Inches: 7" | Thickness: 7mm | Colors: Slime-Green and Black

Black, Slime-Green, Pink, Purple


7″ MK100 Stash Rig with Built in Jar


  • 7" MK100 Stash Rig with Built in Jar
  • Inches : 7" Tall
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Color: Black and Slime-Green
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1 review for 7″ MK100 Stash Rig with Built in Jar

  1. Jake

    It’s a nice rig. I never use the stash jar just because of how small it is. Not the easiest to clean but still a great rig, just use hot water for cleaning

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